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en_7123 30Mar2010 13:21

Help with GUI in c
I have been working on a project which implements packet capture ,injection ,SYN attack,ARP poisoning and some other attacks.Now I'm almost done with the project I'm just thinking that I might want a GUI that displays the packet and allows you to save the file on pressing save but I'm not left with much time maybe two weeks .Any suggestions from some one who has some experience in this.I'm coding in c using gcc.Thanks

xpi0t0s 31Mar2010 13:57

Re: Help with GUI in c
Two weeks is nowhere near enough time to get to grips with any kind of GUI programming (even if you're using toolkits, e.g. Qt). Display the data as text instead. (I've done loads of GUI programming and I can guarantee that you *will* need at least 3 months to get the hang of a GUI.)

So if you're only "thinking you might want" then start thinking you don't want. If it's a project requirement then your only hope is to get hold of someone who already knows how to do GUIs with c/gcc/$YOUR_OS/$YOUR_WM - and even then, two weeks is cutting it fine.

en_7123 31Mar2010 20:43

Re: Help with GUI in c
Ok thanks that was helpfull

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