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msrdjan1 30Mar2010 13:15

Problem with MS Access Left Join & VB6
Hello, sorry but my English is not so good.

I developed some appliction in VB6 using SQL server 2000 database but now I have to using the same application with MS access 2003/2007 and there is some problem with query.

These are some of my tables:


This is the query what is working using SQL server very well but MS Access is not supporting it.

SELECT AccountInfo.Number, Company.CompanyName,Employee.name,Month.month
FROM AccountInfo inner join Month ON monthID=accountInfo.monthID
LEFT JOIN Company ON accountInfo.companyID=company.companyID
LEFT JOIN Employee ON accountInfo.employeeID=employee.employeeID

Problem is that for every Account record you have info about company OR employee and NOT both together because INNER JOIN results with NULL. Info about Month we have for any AccountInfo records so INNER JOIN is working OK.

Is anyone have some idea how to do that ?

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