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dsptl 30Mar2010 05:34

CheckBox menu item Decrypt
I am working on a project and part of ask for:

* add a CheckBox menu item Decrypt which can be checked for decrypt or unchecked for Encrypt. This item should be tied to the toggle button in the GUI. Both should reflect the current status of encrypting/decrypting in the application

which is I not sure how to begin with

satyedra pal 1Apr2010 14:40

Re: CheckBox menu item Decrypt
Check box in java have following
It has no label
Checkbox(String str)
Here string is the label as description of checkbox
Checkbox(string str boolean true/false)
This is a checkbox with its description with checked or unchecked status.
Checkbox(string str,CheckboxGroup null, boolean true/false)
For coding these:
public calss checkboxclss extends Applet
public void init()
Checkbox cbox=new Checkbox(string male,boolean true)

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