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gsingla4u 27Mar2010 19:54

very simple image gallery !!!
guys i try to make a very basic image gallery, having left and right links to switch the images. thats it.

i am newbie to js, so try to do it by myself. Here is the code, which is not working:

<img src="" id="img" />
<a id="lt" href="" onclick="left()">left</a>
<a id="rt" href="" onclick="right()">right</a>
<script type="text/javascript">
var ary1 = ["rcurv.gif","lcurv.gif","midl.gif","plus.gif"];
var num=0;
function right(){
function left(){

Please help me with the code. :)

gsingla4u 27Mar2010 22:29

Re: very simple image gallery !!!
no reply !!! ?

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