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viv345 21Mar2010 17:25

print txt file
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i am getting problem in coding for printing the text file in a particular format. How should i write code?
Example for is attached

shabbir 21Mar2010 20:10

Re: print txt file
Instead of attaching your code post it inline and show us what you have done and what is not addressed and if possible why

viv345 23Mar2010 08:42

Re: print txt file
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Command given:

Private Sub cmdPrint_Click()

cmdPrint.Visible = False
cmdPrint.Visible = True


cmdPrint.Visible = True

End Sub

Getting problem in printing like Invo ( I want to print in this format)

While printing it gives print like Invoy

Invo.jpeg & Invoy.jpeg attached

viv345 23Mar2010 08:44

Re: print txt file
And it is also printing in left margin with backgrounds
How should I give code? To print like Invo.jpeg

viv345 23Mar2010 19:01

Re: print txt file
How can i use tab in codes for printing

viv345 27Mar2010 15:36

Re: print txt file
Thanks for your help.

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