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krazytechno 20Mar2010 14:10

Declaration in ctype.g
The header ctype.h in the ANSI C Standard Library for the C programming language contains declarations for character classification functions. The header file contains declaration for several functions to perform testing and character conversion.

test for any character for which isalpha or isdigit is true

test for alphabetic character

test for control character

test for numeric digit

test for lower [...]

techgeek.in 20Mar2010 14:50

Re: Declaration in ctype.g
why are u so much interested in ctype.h?? Always try to make ur posts a bit interesting to the readers....These informations are already available on the internet.. make it something different by giving some additional informations...like giving examples..telling about its applications..My view is provide something new and interesting....and if the content is common then try to make it special...

krazytechno 20Mar2010 14:58

Re: Declaration in ctype.g
Actually I have found several thing very common which i knew already.Its not like any one visiting this forum would have a great knowledge.So I did so.But next time I will keep this is mind.thanks.

techgeek.in 20Mar2010 15:08

Re: Declaration in ctype.g
not only u but all members in this forum shud know mannerism.. newayz..if u have something to share with us..come to chit-chat section and open ur mind out thr... but remember dnt copy paste...

krazytechno 20Mar2010 15:14

Re: Declaration in ctype.g
It wont be repeated again.I am lucky to get someone like you out here.You are very helpful.

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