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Lizapotter 17Mar2010 10:21

Scripting Vs Programming
Scripting Vs Programming

What is difference between scripting and programming and what are the famous scripting and programming languages?

klaatu 6Apr2010 08:22

Re: Scripting Vs Programming
I don't consider programming and scripting to be different at all! When you "script", you are simply writing code in a "scripting" language. "Scripting" is just a name it picked up. Nothing more. :)

Some major scripting languages include Python (my personal favorite), Perl, Javascript (does that count?), Ruby, etc. Some major compiled languages include C++, C, Java, Assembly, etc.

seangtz 9Apr2010 10:02

Re: Scripting Vs Programming
Scripting language- Easy to learn – compared to traditional programming languages.
It takes much less code to do something with scripting than when using a traditional programming language.Another characteristic of a scripting language, is that they are processed from scratch every time you run them. A nerd would say: ’scripting languages are not compiled.’

Programming language - With programming, you are writing software that runs independent of an exterior (or parent) program. Also, when people would say they were ‘programming’, they were usually involved in some project that produced much more functionality than a traditional script.

klaatu 13Apr2010 00:01

Re: Scripting Vs Programming
Software written in a scripting language can be very functional as well. Check out en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Python_software Wikipedia page of software that was written in JUST Python. Imagine what that list would be like if it included ALL of the worlds scripting languages!

PS. sorry about the link, I can't post links for whatever reason. :(

ajit_pimg 12May2010 20:23

Re: Scripting Vs Programming
scripting is done at client side and programming is usually done at server side.

johndept1 15May2010 10:26

Re: Scripting Vs Programming
i prefer to learn programming?

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