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epaif 11Mar2010 21:56

running java applet with on-demand content
Want to place several (say 300) crossword puzzles onto a JOOMLA! site. The puzzles appear in a java applet. At this time i create an article and a menu item for each of the puzzles and this works, but very time-consuming. What i'd prefer: creating a box where a unique ID number of the puzzle is entered by the visitor and when this ID is sent, the adequate puzzle should appear. (must say, i'm a crossword-fan, but complete amateur in programming)

There is one applet which handles the different datafiles.

A piece of code:
<applet code="cw.....
<param name="title1" value="title of the puzzle">
<param name="puzzle1" value="138.cwe"> /*this value should change on demand, all the puzzles are created in this ijk.cwe format, other parts of the code are constant.*/
<param name="corr...

Could anyone help ?
Thank you.

Ed Paif

shabbir 12Mar2010 08:36

Re: running java applet with on-demand content
Moved to Java forum

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