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flexi 10Mar2010 16:17

Weird computer hang problem, unable to open programmes
I have this weird computer hang. I am able to use the mouse, but I am not able to open any programmes such as internet explorer, my computer, my documents, microsoft word ect.. When I try to open a programme, there is no dialogue bar saying can't find file pathway or anything, so when I try to click on a file, nothing happens, like it's as if I didn't try to open a file at all. Also, I can't see any of my recently opened programmes in the start menu, and I can't open the arrow that shows the shut down button. I then need shut down my computer by switching users to go to the user login page and shut down the computer from then and then turn on the computer again, afterwhich everything is okay. This only happens when I am not using the computer, when I leave the computer logged on overnight or for a few hours or something, but it also once happened within 10 minutes when I was away from the computer. However, it hasn't happened while I am using the computer yet.
However, I am able to close previously opened programmes, open msn although I am not able to log in, open the start menu, volume control, view the time and date and open task manager. However, the task manager doesn't show any applications running when I try to open a programme, so it's not like the programme is slow in opening or is not responding or something.
Can anybody tell me what's the problem and how to fix it? I use a vista.

en_7123 12Mar2010 02:32

Re: Weird computer hang problem, unable to open programmes
Quick Advice: Dump windows and use Linux.It doesn't have anything to do with your question its just my general opinion.Well as for you maybe run a boot time virus scan and see if it's a virus.If that doesn't work try formatting(at your own risk ) and than installing a fresh copy.Also update your windows and install an antivirus.By the way I dont think it's anything to do with the hardware.

flexi 13Mar2010 21:02

Re: Weird computer hang problem, unable to open programmes
I just had a blue screen.
***STOP: 0x0000008E (0xC000001D, 0x81F75977, 0x98A89ADC, 0X00000000)

indiansword 14Mar2010 05:08

Re: Weird computer hang problem, unable to open programmes
Instead of trying 50 different steps, better take a backup of imp data and format the computer , install a fresh copy.


This new error u just wrote is called BSOD - BLue Screen of Death, mostly because of hardwares, check if your RAM Is in good condition.

P455w0rd_Cr4kz 14Mar2010 08:51

Re: Weird computer hang problem, unable to open programmes
reboot in safe mode,backup what u need and follow my friends advice,install a new windows.

flexi 14Mar2010 16:38

Re: Weird computer hang problem, unable to open programmes
I have already backed up my files. I honestly don't really know what you mean by format the computer, but I would assume you mean reinstalling the the os? I also know I'll probably sound really stupid asking this, but, how do you reinstall your os? I'll just guess that you need a microsoft disk, but I don't have that. Also, how do you test your ram?
I was trying to do a system restore in normal mode earlier, but it wouldn't open. Then when I tried to click on it again, it said that the programme was already in use and that it would terminate the programme. However, task manager doesn't register system restore being opened, and I was able to open up the internet brower then (although without internet access) before I tired opening the system restore to see if it was just that or for all programmes. I then tried to do it in safe mode but the computer hanged in safe mode twice where I basically can't move the mouse. And since the BSOD, it has been like that and I have been unable to use the computer.
I had problems last time with my ram where there was a physical connection problem which had the symptoms that my computer gave me recently like hangs where you can't move the mouse and blue screens of death. It however didn't also give me a problem of inablilty to open programmes before. So the hanging that's occuring now may be becuase of the ram, while the problem of not being able to open programmes sometimes after I leave it there may be a different one, so I would like to check the physical ram connection. I am unfortunately unable to open up the computer and check if the ram is plugged in probably (not that I would know what to look for even if I could) because it's kind of under warranty. And I don't really want to send it back to the warranty shop because it just came back a few weeks ago after being to the warranty shop many times, because it keeps having problems a few months after I get it back or they didn't fix the problem so I don't really want to send it back AGAIN. Anyway, the point of that is to say how do I check my ram like was suggested I do, since I think I want to concentrate on the problem of not being able to use my computer at all first?

en_7123 25Mar2010 00:08

Re: Weird computer hang problem, unable to open programmes
Get your RAM checked from a professional.Cheaper option open up your friend's PC and remove any ram and put yours and see if the PC works fine(I'm assuming his PC uses the same RAM as your PC).Be fore getting in for the hardware reinstall OS.
1Start your PC enter into the setup screen.
2.go in boot menu and in the boot options make cd/dvd rom as first option
3.Get a windows disk insert and restart.
4.Press any key when it asks so to boot from cd.
5.Follow all instructions to install.In install location choose the drive in which your current OS is stored and do Quick format using NTFS.
Wo I'm tired now lemme know if this works.Dude if you are not much of a computer guy.Quick Advice :Dont do all this.Just take it to repair shop and save yourself the pain.But its not that difficult to install windows.

techgeek.in 25Mar2010 23:58

Re: Weird computer hang problem, unable to open programmes
There is another way to get out of it... use rescue disk...

flexi 9Apr2010 21:57

Re: Weird computer hang problem, unable to open programmes
Haha. You're right. I'm not much of a computer guy.
I did send the computer back to the repair shop though. And they have recently called back and said it was a problem with the graphics card, so they have replaced it. I'm getting it back on Monday, so I'll see if any other problems still crop up when I use it then.
Thanks for all the help so far, I have really appreciated it. (Whether I understood everything is an entirely different matter altogether though.)

en_7123 10Apr2010 12:42

Re: Weird computer hang problem, unable to open programmes
Yeah ?? Graphics that's really wiered . Good if you got it figured out now .

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