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en_7123 6Mar2010 16:18

Ping sweep
Does any one know a link for code in c to do a ping sweep in which you could say give the start Ip and end ip on a lan.
for e.g START I/P
end I/P
The program performs a ping on all the machines and returns with IP of those from which it got a reply.Going through previous posts I can see some one was working on it but no code was there.If any one has a link.

lipun4u 6Mar2010 17:11

Re: Ping sweep
on which platform windows or linux ??

en_7123 6Mar2010 17:15

Re: Ping sweep

Originally Posted by lipun4u (Post 65227)
on which platform windows or linux ??

I'm using Linux(fedora)

xpi0t0s 8Mar2010 04:08

Re: Ping sweep
With over 4 billion possible email addresses such a program would take forever to execute. The TCP/IP designers already thought of that; lookup BROADCAST messages.

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