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smithmiller6 5Mar2010 03:32

what language should i learn??
i want to spend my time to learning Programming. i know some of C++, HTML, PHP, VB

but i want to learn Programming language who use full for me more,

can any one help me to give idia how can i make software like that

Auto article submit software
Auto bookmarking software
Auto directory submit
looking for information what language should i learn for making that type of softwares.

any information is very useful for me.

shabbir 5Mar2010 08:30

Re: what language should i learn??
The ones you know are good enough for things you want to develop. It's just that you need to know them in a better way.

techgeek.in 5Mar2010 12:14

Re: what language should i learn??
it also depends upon which side programming u want to do...?? client side programming or server side programming...rest shabbir has mentioned the language u choose..it depends upon which language u r comfortable with...

ShaunDsouza 17Mar2010 20:04

Re: what language should i learn??
I think the point is not only the language. It's the framework and the distribution of the software. For example, do you need to make it cross platform?

krazytechno 18Mar2010 07:29

Re: what language should i learn??
There are several languages are being used in the world to make a software.You need to know any language but deeply.Before writing program for software just start doing some small coding which gives some of your desired output.

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