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Landice 4Dec2006 12:58

Hi Guys!! I'm Landice!!
Yo guys~~ Nice to meet you!! I'm a newbie here.. :D I found tat this site is a really nice place for me, wish to learn more from u all~~ I would like to polish my existing skills, hope that I can be an expert like u guys~~ Hehe.. :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

shabbir 4Dec2006 14:07

Re: Hi Guys!! I'm Landice!!
Surely you will and by the way welcome

Vromoth 5Dec2006 01:23

Re: Hi Guys!! I'm Landice!!
Just so you know were not all experts but my friend Shabbir here, well thatís a different story. ;) Welcome to the forum.

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