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Jaslynne 1Mar2010 04:20

Script problem/ i don't understand
Hello All, I've been taking a PHP class for the past 7 weeks and are getting a little hard. This is the first time I have ever messed with PHP and i just don't seem to get it. I have the following assignment:

-Name a script solution09.php
-Wtihin the script construct a SELECT statement which will query the "expenses" table for all the purchases made.
-Process the resulting recordset with a while loop which will create a separate line for each expense.
-On each line display the category, date, and amount of expenses.
-Create an HTML form , provide the visitor with an input box so they may use it to enter an expenses ategory (THIS IS DONE)
-Modify the schript so that it retrieves the value entered by the visitor
-Modify the SELECT statement created within the script so thatit includes a WHERE clause which will test to make sure that the category column is equal to the valueentered by the visitor.

Now, I think I got the script pretty much done EXCEPT for hte last two steps. I don't understand what im supposed to do or where Im supporsed to start. Any help is greatly appreciated :cryin:

Jaslynne 1Mar2010 04:21

Re: Script problem/ i don't understand
sorry i forgot to post my script:

$connection=mysql_connect ("localhost", "spike", "9sj7En4");
if (!$connection)
die  ('Could not Connect: '. mysql_error());
mysql_select_db ("My_DB", $connection) or die (mysql_error());
$result = mysql_query ("SELECT * FROM Expenses") or die (mysql_error());
echo "<table  border='2'>
<th>Dollar Amount</th>
while ($row= mysql_fetch_array ($result))
echo  "<tr>";
echo  "<td>" .$row ['Category'] ."</td>" ;
echo  "<td>" .$row ['Date']  ."  </td>";
echo  "<td>" .$row ['Dollar Amount'] . "  </td>";
echo  "</tr>";
echo "</table>";
mysql_close ($connection);

angelg107 4Mar2010 05:56

Re: Script problem/ i don't understand
PHP Code:

=mysql_connect ("localhost""spike""9sj7En4");
if (!
die  (
'Could not Connect: 'mysql_error());
mysql_select_db ("My_DB"$connection) or die (mysql_error());
// they did not click the button
$result mysql_query ("SELECT * FROM Expenses") or die (mysql_error());
"<table  border='2'>
<th>Dollar Amount</th>
while (
$rowmysql_fetch_array ($result))
"<td>" .$row ['Category'] ."</td>" ;
"<td>" .$row ['Date']  ."  </td>";
"<td>" .$row ['Dollar Amount'] . "  </td>";
// the form was submitted
// retrieve all the values from the form here
mysql_close ($connection);

Now, you only have to make sure the button name in the form
is 'submit_button' for example :

HTML Code:

<form action="" method="post">
<input type="submit" value="GO" name="submit_button" />

Considering your new to PHP, I want to let you know using single-quotes instead
of double-quotes speeds up your script.


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