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cbryan374 27Feb2010 23:36

Where to Start with pipe delimited file filtering
I have a file supplied to me by a vendor in either xml format, or pipe delimited format. What I need to do is read all of the data in and filter out any inactive products. The pipe file in column[18] is where the the product is set to active, either 0,1. Finally I will write the file to a new pipedelimited csv.
1.) would xml be easier?
2.) How do I start with this?

Here is a sample of some data in the pipe file.
model|name|price|category|loc|image|description|we ight|option_type|option_value|suggested_retail|spe cial_handling|manufacturer|manufacturer_code|packa ging|in_stock|last_updated|active|
ABC123|ABC name|2.45|Tools||image.jpg|ABC Tool|3.2|||6.99|YES|Great Tool Company|1-ABC123|Yes|02-01-2010|1|

This is what I want to do:
skip row 1
read each row, if active=1 and there is any information in option_type ,write each row to "activewith options.csv"

then skip row 1,
read if active=1 and option_type is blank, write each row to "active with out options.csv

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