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ash104 27Feb2010 07:04

Get into photo files
iv been trying like hell to get into someone elses picture files (like in their documents and stuff, the ones not online) and i dont really want them to know about it, the catch is, i never see the person so i canot go onto their computer physically, any help would be great thank you

hanleyhansen 28Feb2010 04:24

Re: Get into photo files
That type of hacking is not encouraged by this forum. ETHICAL hacking involves hacking with a positive purpose not for personal benefit. Shabbir will probably close this thread.

ash104 28Feb2010 05:48

Re: Get into photo files
well its not really personal benefit, i need to delete some black mail stuff, but other that do what you gotta do......i wanted to be nice but i gotta say it, when is hacking NOT for personal benefit?? even if its just to put up a firewall or delete a but, thats personal benefit

hanleyhansen 28Feb2010 09:14

Re: Get into photo files
Well you can hack simply to gain knowledge and not for malicious intent. You can also hack to prevent future black hat hacking. If you didn't know, ethical hacking is actually a career. You do penetration tests to assess different systems and better them in the long run. Hacking is not just guessing passwords fyi. It's an entire culture with rules and protocols and it would be ethically incorrect for someone to hack for you with the information given which can't be verified.

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