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Jobdescriptions 26Feb2010 17:42

Job Descriptions-key for your Dream job
Have you ever been invited for a job interview and you feel ill prepared? Ill prepared not because you donít have the right qualifications or the recruiter made a mistake by giving you a call. Ill prepared because you donít know what the job exactly entails. You donít know what your duties are in the job that you now stand a chance of getting. You donít know the job description.
A job description is more often than not a list showing the various responsibilities that a given job entails. It also shows the salary scale for the job in question, the necessary qualifications needed to qualify for the job and to whom the job holder reports to. It helps you as a job applicant make well informed decisions. It helps you know if you can carry out the specified job duties effectively. It is therefore important to know the description of any given job even before you get down to writing the resume.

shabbir 26Feb2010 18:08

Re: Job Descriptions-key for your Dream job
By No means this qualify as Job Offer and so moved to Chit Chat forum

seangtz 27Feb2010 10:03

Re: Job Descriptions-key for your Dream job
I agree with your point once I have faced the situation....

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