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guapillo 26Feb2010 06:28

Desision Suport systems DSS help need it
Hi im a studet and i need to do this activity for homework. I,ve to sign up in a foro and make the next questions
What is DSS?
What is the future about DSS?
Please someone can help me please?

xpi0t0s 26Feb2010 13:26

Re: Desision Suport systems DSS help need it
If that's the activity you had to do, then congratulations you should score 100%.

It seems very odd that your tutors would make you ask on a forum what DSS are. Are you sure that's really what they said? The normal approach teachers take is to explain the subject or where in the course book to read, then ask you questions, often saying you have to express it in your own words (to stop you just copying the relevant section directly out of the book).

If your tutors really did make you ask about the subject they're supposed to be teaching you on a forum, instead of teaching it themselves, then you need to question why they're being paid to teach you, because they aren't doing that. You should raise a formal complaint that the teachers are skiving off and not doing their jobs properly.

Of course, if you're going to do that, then you need to be 100% certain of your facts, and that the reason you don't know anything isn't down to you goofing around.

guapillo 26Feb2010 20:43

Re: Desision Suport systems DSS help need it
Sorry i didnt,t expose my request correctly. My techer wants that we experiment an other way to find information and he told us that in a foro there are meny people with de same questions and many people that can help us so he wants that we live this experience to use it in a future thatīs the really intension of this activity and hi gave us this topic to ask so im traying to experiment this. Tanks

xpi0t0s 26Feb2010 22:47

Re: Desision Suport systems DSS help need it
OK, well your best bet is to search for the terms you're interested in, not just post a request for info then sit back. Also check your spelling; if you get no hits then that could be why. Desision and suport are not correct; try decision and support instead. It's unfortunate that the main language of the internet is English, but it has to be something, and non-English speakers just have to get used to it.

Contrary to your teacher's implications, forums are *not* full of people just sitting around waiting to answer your questions in painstaking detail. We will help, but not do your work for you, and we *can* tell the difference. This site is called go4 *expert*, remember, so that means we're expert at a number of things.

The best place to search is Google. Did you try? I've just tried it and there were several hits that looked appropriate. Google also has a good guess at fixing spelling mistakes and "desision suport systems" gives a list of hits titled "Showing results for decision support systems".

The Wikipedia article will most likely tell you everything you need to know, and more, about DSS, and most Wiki articles link to lots of other relevant places.

This is an excellent reference on how to ask questions intelligently:

Read this *thoroughly*, and act on it, and you will get good answers to your questions.

guapillo 27Feb2010 07:51

Re: Desision Suport systems DSS help need it
yes you right i dont espeak english very well and yes i try in google before but i nedd a good answer for a foro but a think you are exper but not in this topic thanks anyway

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