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hanleyhansen 24Feb2010 17:19

Installing DotNetNuke 5 On Windows Environment
Installation Prerequisites:
  • Internet Information Server (IIS7)
  • DotNet Framework (anyone from 2.0+)
  • Microsoft’s SQL Server 2008 Express or Standard
You can download DotNetNuke from here.

The site will require you to register with the DotNetNuke Community to download the CMS. You can use a LiveID authentication in this community.

After you successfully login, you will have the option to install DotNetNuke using the Microsoft Web Platform Installer. Download Microsoft’s WPI and select DotNetNuke Community Edition from the Web Applications tab and install it as well.

Step 1: Enter you site information
This step is simple. Here you can figure basic server settings for the site i.e. alias that the DNN installation will receive in IIS’s wwwroot.

Step 2: Enter application information
Here you enter the database information and database credentials. There should already be a user preconfigured SQL Server with the proper privileges. This user’s credentials will go under Database User Name. For terms of simplicity, it is recommended that you use dnnuser as the user name.

DotNetNuke will now install and you should see something like this:

Now we proceed to the browser side of the installation. Open your browser and navigate to the root of your DNN installation localhost/dotnetnuke.

You should see a DotNetNuke Installation Wizard like this:

Choose Custom Install Method and click Next.

Next step is to test permissions. If all permissions are configured correctly you should see something like this:

Now you configure the database connection settings. Enter the credentials for the database user and test the database connection. You should see something like this:

The next page will run the Database Installation Scripts. IF it all works well then it should look like this:

Next you configure the host account. The host account will control the entire DNN infrastructure and it will have rights to all of the portals. Here you can also configure the SMTP settings and setup an email account linked to the host account that will send system emails and other emails through DNN. IF successful, it should look like this:

Next you install optional modules. I choose to install all the modules listed since we’ll be incorporating lots of sites. We never know what a teacher might ask for in the future so we might need these modules.

Next page installs skins and containers. You can simply click next since we have now. Same with the language packs page.

Next you install authentication systems. Here you can add ActiveDirectory as an authentication method within DNN.

Next page installs providers which are optional.

Next page is configuration for Host Portal. Enter the administrator configuration here.

If all goes well you should see the following:

Congratulations! You have successfully installed DotNetNuke 5.

shabbir 2Mar2010 20:35

Re: Installing DotNetNuke 5 On Windows Environment
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shabbir 20Mar2010 10:18

Re: Installing DotNetNuke 5 On Windows Environment
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