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hanleyhansen 22Feb2010 23:59

Member's Ages
Just out of curiosity, who's the youngest member and who's the oldest on G4E? It would be interesting to see the range of ages. Post your age to find out. I'm 17 turning 18 on the 29th (which doesn't come this year btw :undecided).

shabbir 23Feb2010 10:47

Re: Member's Ages

seangtz 24Feb2010 09:40

Re: Member's Ages

klaatu 6Apr2010 08:39

Re: Member's Ages

unni krishnan.r 30May2010 18:21

Re: Member's Ages

senaratne 30May2010 23:54

Re: Member's Ages
Believe me, 65. :)

clgboy2 9Jun2010 10:15

Re: Member's Ages
i am 21 yaear old.

Brandon Bridges 15Jul2010 19:42

Re: Member's Ages
Im 16 year old Country boy. Turn 17 Jan. next Year.

King Falcon 18Jul2010 08:51

Re: Member's Ages
trust me...
i'm 13 years old...
i think i'm a youngest kid in this forum..

shabbir 18Jul2010 09:13

Re: Member's Ages
Probably yes.

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