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shabbir 21Feb2010 11:44

Google Energy
Google Energy has been granted an order by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to buy and sell energy at market rates.

No don't get excited. This does not mean you can buy electricity from Google but it is more of a Google's control over the high energy costs of its many data centers, and also aims to become carbon neutral.

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hanleyhansen 21Feb2010 22:29

Re: Google Energy
Wow this is amazing!! Google is officially taking over the world!! And in reference to your other thread about the Internet being rumored of being nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, in the case that the internet wins, it would only be fair that Google accept the prize on the internet's behalf. Imagine the controversy it would cause!! But Google deserves it above all because I don't know that has contributed as much as Google to the internet.

shabbir 22Feb2010 11:57

Re: Google Energy
I totally agree on that but who takes will be a good controversy :D

hanleyhansen 22Feb2010 17:20

Re: Google Energy
Yeah, that should be interesting.

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