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QuantFX 20Feb2010 03:22

Need help to automate working trading systems
I have been trading in the Financial markets for a number of years and have developed working trading models that I mostly have self traded. Any automation I have done typically involved me modeling systems in matlab and trading them in some sort of interpreted language such as Tradestation's easylanguage. I have complex understandings of mathematical models,data mining methods, and AI, but have weak programming skills. Although I've come to a point in my life where I must fully automate my processes because I simply can't allow the markets to take away my time as they have in the past. I've given up a great deal in life to have the knowledge that I do, but I must finalize this part of myself for the time being. So I am seeking help from someone who knows how to code well for the best of my knowledge to be represented in an automatic fashion.

I am looking to do no more than use one of the many trading platforms, either paid for(Tradestation, openquant, amibroker etc...) or open source(Marketcetra, Opentrader, Activequant etc..), to use for data handling, charting etc... Then apply a few open source libraries such as libsvm to the data to produce the trading signals. Next have functions in play for position sizing and portfolio management. Then let those signals be automatically executed using the broker API. Finally be able to monitor these activities from my pda. Either through email or a small linked application that could be made with something like ICE from Zeroc. None of the libraries used would need to be proprietary, but instead just linked together to be used functionally. I feel this would be rather easy for an experienced coder and could probably be done rather quickly.

It would be nice to be able to attach some of the more processor intensive functions to something like windows azure or be handled by mpi, but not necessary provided it can execute fully on the latest machinery. The actual functioning trading logic itslef is not overly complex, but it uses a great deal of data. I have available to me a rather large supply of licensed Windows tools through relationships I have with Microsoft. Everything from SQL Server Enterprise to the latest editons of Visual Studio Team suite. Anything wanted or that could be used will be available and happily given away for the help. I'm askng for help rather than say outsource because I'd like to know what's going on behind the scenes still, but I can't spend anymore of the countless hours rattling my brain. I've tried to learn programming, but I really only want to learn how to program one thing. Communication can be made through skype, messenger or email if interested in helping. Both parties will take away a great deal of knowledge whether you're an experienced trader or not. I imagine you can private message me through this forum or respond to me in this post for further discussion. Thank you for the consideration.

shabbir 20Feb2010 10:04

Re: Need help to automate working trading systems
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