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friendsforniraj 2Dec2006 18:33

Graphic Rotation
in graphics
what to do to rotate an object about a particular pt.

Frank Reich 3Dec2006 13:43

Re: Graphic Rotation
HI. What do you use to display your graphic? OpenGL?
You should give more information if you would like us to help you :D

friendsforniraj 5Dec2006 17:54

Re: Graphic Rotation
ohh sure
i want to rotate it through c programmin usin putimage and getimage func
i open it by using gmode ginit and gdriver

Frank Reich 6Dec2006 07:58

Re: Graphic Rotation
sorry, in that matter i can not help you. i am only a bit familar with OpenGL.

good luck.

shabbir 6Dec2006 11:01

Re: Graphic Rotation
You have to calculate left and top based on the rotation you want combining with the getimage is done from.

friendsforniraj 23Dec2006 17:03

Re: Graphic Rotation
please explain in detail

shabbir 24Dec2006 00:06

Re: Graphic Rotation
The detail is that you need to perform some basic calculations.

DaWei 24Dec2006 02:09

Re: Graphic Rotation
As Shabbir says, this is pretty basic stuff. You can consider the line between the point of rotation and any given point (a pixel) as a vector. This vector can be expressed as an angle with respect to some coordinate system. To rotate it, one merely adds the angle of rotation. I suggest you review your trigonometry.

friendsforniraj 24Dec2006 18:27

Re: Graphic Rotation
no i have already did that
even if i use getimage i get the image in the memory
but i cannot rotate through putimage as it only use top left corner and not the right corner
and even try to get the coordinates and put the image in new coordinates and do rotation like this
i used write algo but program gets terminated automatically and c gets closed

DaWei 24Dec2006 19:34

Re: Graphic Rotation

but program gets terminated automatically and c gets closed
This is not a rotation-related phenomenon. I suggest that you deside what your REAL question is, then ask it as clearly as possible. "C gets closed"? C is a language. We don't get to use it anymore?

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