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travist6983 17Feb2010 22:56

Alphabetical Ordering from a database
I am trying to figure out how to alphabetize a client list that draws from my data base here is the code i am playing with if any one could help nudge me ;) in the right direction i would be forever grateful

PHP Code:

 $query "SELECT id, firstName, email, lastName, LEFT(lastName, 1) AS first_char FROM userAccounts WHERE UPPER(LEFT(lastName, 1)) BETWEEN 'A' AND 'Z' OR LEFT(lastName, 1) BETWEEN '0' AND '9' ORDER BY lastName WHERE assignedAgent = ".$_SESSION['agent']['agentID'];
$clients mysql_query($query);
$current_char '';
mysql_num_rows($clients) > )
$client mysql_fetch_array($clients) )
                                        if (
$client['first_char'] != $current_char) {
$current_char $client['first_char'];
'<br />' strtoupper($current_char) . '<br />-----<br />';
"    <td>".$current_char['lastName']."</td>";
"    <td>".$client['firstName']."</td>";
"    <td>".$client['email']."</td>";
"    <td>".$client['group']."</td>";
"    <td align='center'><a href=\"editClient.php?clientID=".$client['id']."\">Edit Client</a></td>";        
//echo "    <td><a href='clientWebforms.php?clientID=".$client['id']."'>View Webforms</a></td>";
echo "</tr>";    
"<tr><td colspan='3' align='center'><font color='red'>You have no clients assigned!  To have your clients assigned to you search for them using the 'Find Clients' button on the left navigation bar.</font></td>"

Thanks for any and all comments


shabbir 17Feb2010 23:41

Re: Alphabetical Ordering from a database
I am still trying to understand what you are trying to do? I guess you need to know that SQL as a language is case insensitive and so order by clause will always work.

travist6983 17Feb2010 23:46

Re: Alphabetical Ordering from a database
I am not really a php programmer but figured i would give this a try to eliminate some work from my co-workers.

basically what i was trying to do was the order the clients alphabetically by last name instead of by there database ID this was the old statement that i am trying to edit
$query = "SELECT lastName, id, firstName, email FROM userAccounts WHERE assignedAgent = ".$_SESSION['agent']['agentID'];

and you obviously can see the new statement that i created from reading a bunch of forum posts.

Any help would be greatly appreciated



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