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martincruise 16Feb2010 12:34

Error Message after exporting MS Access Table
I receive the below error message when I export a table from a Microsoft Access database to the Microsoft Word Merge format:

“The data being exported does not match the format described in the Schema.ini file.”

Microsoft Access database is in .mdb format.

Davidpoul 26Feb2010 23:47

Re: Error Message after exporting MS Access Table
The main cause behind the above error message is that when you export the table for the first time, the field names of the table for the Microsoft Word Merge format get saved in the Schema.ini file. A schema.ini (schema information) file provides information about the general format of the file, column name and data types. So, if you again export the employee table, it does not match with previously exported fields. Another major reason behind mismatching fields can be Access database corruption. In both the cases, if you try to import the table, you will receive the above error messages.

To resolve the errors, Microsoft suggests opening the schema.ini file by using Notepad and then modifying all the field names that are causing the problem. However, in case of database corruption, you need to repair the MS Access database and then apply the above resolution. To completely repair the MS Access database, you should use advanced Stellar access database repair utilities.

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