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voneagle7777 12May2012 14:49

Re: Unlocking cmd.exe When It Is Locked By Admin

Originally Posted by &ever (Post 74752)
I am getting sick of people who know nothing of PHP, CSS and anything HTML coming on here and looking for hacks. (sorry for that troll move but I had too say something.)

Now for the comment,
I enjoyed your sediment but it can be blocked as easily as 1,2,3 I suggest going through the internet looking for simple CMD commands and creating something on your own, helps a lot with new coders (assuming you are new at this.) And if the CMD is blocked try uploading a (custom script) onto a USB or CD Good luck.
Keep using G4E

What do you mean "create a custom script, and download it to a flash-drive?" how do you make one with restricted privileges?

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