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shabbir 5Feb2010 19:31

Paypal Alternatives
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Many of you may have experienced that Paypal is reversing all the transaction done in last few days as personal Payments which means now we can only send Payments which have either Fees to business account or convert to personal account from business account.

This means our $1 daily competition does not work well with Paypal unless participating persons have a personal Paypal account.

We can definitely have a personal account but that is not the issue according to me. The issue is the way Paypal have handled it.

If they have a change in Policy ( Not allowing personal payments to be sent to or from India.) their interface should not support Personal Payment and that would have been the best way to go.

All said and done how G4Ef will handle this.

We will move to other alternative method of Payment. MoneyBookers

Why MoneyBookers?
  1. Very less Fees. See the screenshot.

  2. More professional approach when it comes to handling policy issues. I have an account with them since 2004 without any hassles.

I have seen other options like AlertPay but the fees to upload funds to them is too high.

So those who have issues with Payment in Paypal I will also try to Pay them in Moneybookers.

So go get your account now and replace in your profile from Paypal to your MoneyBookers account email.

shabbir 8Feb2010 10:29

Re: Paypal Alternatives
Also I would like to add that many people who were paid for $1 competition can ask for Repayment once we have Paypal Issue Settling down and get an official email about the issue.

I know I have many PMs about the same and you will get back your money in either Paypal or in MoneyBookers which ever you Prefer but when we get official confirmation from Paypal for the same issue.

coderzone 11Feb2010 10:41

Re: Paypal Alternatives
Some clarification and its the issue with RBI


shabbir 11Feb2010 11:46

Re: Paypal Alternatives
Thats a good piece of info

tickey 11Feb2010 12:28

Re: Paypal Alternatives
Really a helpful forum to join :)
My opinion regarding the alternate payment methods.. like MoneyBookers is how many buyers have account in MB and will they still open an account just to pay me ? I know its better to ask the buyer, but question is still there because most of the buyers have PayPal accounts. Don't you think its impractical to open an account just for one payment?

shabbir 11Feb2010 12:33

Re: Paypal Alternatives
I don't think so.

I have shown all my buyers the issue and they have all asked me the alternative and are ready to move to that.

Its not always we who have issue but if Indians are not paid in Paypal its an issue in US/UK as well because they may need to pay a lot more when it comes to getting the same job done by a local person.

nimesh 14Feb2010 23:08

Re: Paypal Alternatives
this means we also cannot transfer the money from paypal to bank accounts? :(

shabbir 15Feb2010 08:17

Re: Paypal Alternatives

Originally Posted by nimesh (Post 64237)
this means we also cannot transfer the money from paypal to bank accounts? :(

Yes. You cannot. It hit Newspapers in India 15 days after the incident. That is the sad part of it. RBI wants Paypal to adhere to some norms for sending Payments in India.

xpi0t0s 15Feb2010 17:50

Re: Paypal Alternatives
hey shabbir one of us is misreading the Fees page at Moneybookers. It might be free to receive money into your MB account but to convert that into useful cash requires a minimum fee of $2.45.

https://www.moneybookers.com/app/help.pl and look under Withdraw Funds

So this is completely pointless for a $1 competition; for that to be reduced to a reasonable percentage I'm going to have to win at least 50 competitions (even then it's a crazy 4.9%). PayPal might be crap for other reasons but at least they don't make small payments pointless. I have no other need for an MB account so until you can sort the problem with PayPal you may as well keep my winnings.

xpi0t0s 15Feb2010 17:56

Re: Paypal Alternatives
A PayPal withdrawal of $62.82 works out as having a $2.45 fee, and the fee is less for less than that (3.4%+$0.316) so actually to match PayPal I'll have to win over 62 competitions, which I haven't done in my entire g4e lifetime, so basically that cash is never going to get cashed in.

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