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SpOonWiZaRd 2Feb2010 17:15

Phone Systems
Q: Why do they have so much trouble with the phone systems in China?

A: Because there are so many Wings and so many Wongs that someone's always Winging the Wong number.

Nikolas 15Dec2010 17:54

Re: Phone Systems
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seomanju 15Dec2010 17:58

Re: Phone Systems
There are lot of Phone system in present time .We should choose according to our requirment.

Vettel 21Jan2011 16:11

Re: Phone Systems
Choosing a phone system for your requirement is an important decision. Phone systems have become an absolute necessity in every establishment whether it is used for personal purpose or for any official. Phones are also the easiest and most convenient sources for connecting entrepreneurs with customers.

Lincoln 6Apr2011 17:51

Re: Phone Systems
Communication is the most important part of a business, especially for small businesses. Communication can be done easily only using good business phone systems. Internet is the best place to look for affordable and good business phone systems.

Scot01 18Apr2011 15:09

Re: Phone Systems
Alcatel phones are considered as one of the most feasible communication equipment for businesses, particularly for small businesses. It has been around from quite a long time and has come a very long way from then, and now offers a good range of features that small businesses can exploit reasonably and efficiently.

TheMage 27Apr2011 04:25

Re: Phone Systems
Either I don't understand any but the first post, or this thread is being derailed...

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