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sharpie 1Dec2006 07:40

hello all
hello all im sharpie a 16 year old, a junior in high school. I play football, wrestling, and baseball. Im on the F.I.R.S.T robtics team and im in boy scouts. I want to be a good ethical hacker and make a lot of $$$$$. I am willing to learn what i need to now to be a great hacker. I am also looking for colleges and i was wondering if any of you now of any good network security major colleges in the us near the northeast preferably?

edit: i also run my own server in my house (dual core 2.4 zeons, 4 gbs of memory, 9x 74 scsi drives, redundant PSU)(with ftp, webserver, exchange, and AD,and some others) vpn firewall, linksys srx 400 router, and a shit load of test boxes.

shabbir 1Dec2006 11:18

Re: hello all
The first things about hacker is they never tell who they are but its good to know more about you.

sharpie 2Dec2006 05:56

Re: hello all
oops, whats the first thing to learn to be a great successful ethical hacker?

Vromoth 4Dec2006 11:21

Re: hello all
To late, you can't become one now. Just kidding, welcome.

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