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valleyman 1Dec2006 02:24

C++ or C#

Just wondering where to invest my time, i understand that it is worthwhile in learning C++ but on the other hand, i have a friend recomending that i learn C#.
Which would be the most benefical to learn and also is there any major difference in difficulty between learning the two? :confused:


shabbir 1Dec2006 11:08

Re: C++ or C#
You have posted it as an Article under the Article / Source code section. I have moved it to the Queries and Discussion forum.

I would go for C++ as that helps you getting into some OO concepts as well then you can easily apply them and go ahead with C#.

valleyman 2Dec2006 03:39

Re: C++ or C#
Will i be able to pick up C# faster than C++ or is there no difference?

Aztec 2Dec2006 07:04

Re: C++ or C#
Do any language which you think will solve your purpose.

shabbir 4Dec2006 10:35

Re: C++ or C#

Originally Posted by valleyman
Will i be able to pick up C# faster than C++ or is there no difference?

That depends on your personal intelligence and interest.

valleyman 4Dec2006 22:22

Re: C++ or C#
Well say, for the average joe?
I have heard that C# in some cases has been simplified? / is easier? Or am I totally mistaken?

Basically which language will i be able to write programs in the fastest or is there no difference?

Aztec 5Dec2006 05:53

Re: C++ or C#
Simple programs you can write in any language. But for anything useful you have to spent a lot of time. Since you are beginner then I would say, you'll like doing C# and it has lot of market value.

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