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hanleyhansen 28Jan2010 01:07

Simple Question Code Wrapping
I have to wrap this line of code:


<dnn:ARTMENU ID="ArtMenu1" ShowHiddenTabs="False" ShowAdminTabs="True" ShowDeletedTabs="False" ShowLoginTab="True" ShowUserTab="True" runat="server" /><div id="TopPane" visible="false" runat="server"></div>
With this conditional:


<% If DotNetNuke.Security.PortalSecurity.IsInRole("Registered Users") Then %>
      <div id="LoginUserContainer">
      <dnn:USER cssclass="BannerLinks" runat="server" id="dnnUser" url="" />
      <dnn:LOGIN runat="server" cssclass="BannerLinks" id="dnnLogin" />
<% End If %>

What does that mean? And what would it look like?

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