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hanleyhansen 27Jan2010 01:12

Content Management Systems
To the Admins & Moderators:

I've been doing a lot of work lately in content management systems like Joomla and DotNetNuke. Most of the forums out there do not compete by any means with G4E. However, I have yet to see a section dedicated to CMS. Can you guys add one that way the site has more to offer? I would be happy to help moderate it and share my experience and time with the members. I also want to have a forum where I can post all my questions instead of having to join 45 different forums. G4E does the best job of this and i would like to see it continuely grow and include something for CMS. Is that possible? Thanks.

shabbir 27Jan2010 08:40

Re: Content Management Systems
That is a very good feedback and regarding CMS we have Site Management Forum but if you think we need a more detailed about CMSes I open to it.

hanleyhansen 27Jan2010 23:34

Re: Content Management Systems
The Site Management forum is very useful but I feel that its very general. A dedicated CMS forum will definitely be of use to many members and bring in a lot of outside traffic because as you well know, CMSes are getting very popular because everyone likes the thought of having content separate from design which facilitates everything. So having a spot on the forum will help a lot of people including myself because I've had certain issues where I had to go through dozens of sites and forums to find the answer, whereas having it all in one place will definitely be a plus and I will gladly share what I've learned in both Joomla and DotNetNuke in both Windows and Linux environments.

shabbir 28Jan2010 10:06

Re: Content Management Systems
Keep your fingers crossed then.

shabbir 28Jan2010 10:48

Re: Content Management Systems
We have it online now.

CMS Articles
CMS Forum

RSS Feeds


You have been added as Mod to the forum.

shabbir 28Jan2010 10:53

Re: Content Management Systems
Announcement - CMS Forum And hanleyhansen is the now member of the Mod Team

babloodmax 28Jan2010 16:52

Re: Content Management Systems
Hi Buddy!!!

Why we use CMS ??? reply me soon... meet again...

hanleyhansen 28Jan2010 17:08

Re: Content Management Systems
What CMS allows you to do is essentially separate all content from design. What that means is that they don't depend on each other. You can change design with out influencing content and vice versa. It also provides a structured form of administration to the site allowing more flexibility and sophistication per say. For example, one of the most popular CMSes out there is Joomla. Joomla comes with an excellent back-end administration that allows for the quick and user friendly administration of many tasks.

uche_n2a 8Feb2011 07:36

Re: Content Management Systems
Hello people
Can someone really explain to me about CMS. I manage my own website but each time I come across Content Management or Content Mangement System, am kind of not sure what it truly involved.

I would very much appreciate someone being kind enough to let me understand this.


hanleyhansen 9Feb2011 19:33

Re: Content Management Systems
CMS is a way of simplifying web development because you are able to seperate design from content. What don't you understand specifically?

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