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bobert0670 13Jan2010 19:29

Script error DOS style
I am running a perl script that gives me an error that syas msdos style path detected. it says to use -nodosfilewarning to get rid of it and when i do i get an error that says i cant use that due to the fact that i have used the strict option. the code is below

# use perl
# dbdrv: none
eval 'exec perl -S $0 "$@"'
if $running_under_some_shell;
use strict;
my $gHeader = '$Header: adautostg.pl 120.12 2009/02/04 19:29:42 hcwolf ship $';
my @gHeaderStrings = split / /, $gHeader;
my $gProgVersion = $gHeaderStrings[2];
my $gProgname = "to-be-set";
($gProgname = $0) =~ s,.*[/\\],,;
# Now the script doesn't hardcodes the location of the lib .
# It dynamically extracts the absolute location of the script from the
# command used to execute the script perl <some_dir>/adautostg.pl
my $scriptLoc;
$scriptLoc = &getScriptLoc();
unshift (@INC,$scriptLoc);
require File::NCopy;
use File::Basename;
use File::Path;
use Config;
use Cwd;
use POSIX qw(strftime);
use Getopt::Long;
my @components; #components selected to be installed
my $componentCount; #no of components to be installed
my %langcodes; #maps language codes onto language names
my @languages; #selected languages
my $langCount; #number of selected languages
my @languageCode; # selected Language
my $STAGEDIR; #target for staging
my $AUTOMOUNT; #Y/N indicates if the CD-ROM is mounted already
my $MOUNTCMD; #mount command
my $UMOUNTCMD; #unmount command
my %CDLabel = { }; #maps each component onto the cd label
my %CDArea = { }; #maps each component onto the cd area
my %compSize = { }; #maps each component onto size
my $CD_DVD = "CD/DVD"; #boolean indicates whether CD or DVD is used
my $fc = File::NCopy->new(recursive =>1);

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