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farooq124in 10Jan2010 10:39

auto_ptr result to string
Hi All,
I am new to c++ i need to develop a plug in for file maker for that there is a special api, i need to use this for my further work they have used auto ptr but i am finding difficulty in converting text.. this is the code.. u may ask y aim usig all this instaed of smple strings and characters but i have to use this api only...

class TextAutoPtr : public std::auto_ptr<Text>
typedef TextAutoPtr UpCaster;
inline TextAutoPtr ();

TextAutoPtr resultText;//
ofstream myfile("D://example.txt");
std::stringstream converter;// there is value passing from the filemaker.

converter << resultText;// error in this line binary '<<' : no operator found which takes a right-hand operand of type 'Text'
string stq= converter.str();
myfile <<stq;

Please help me out.

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