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smj01 7Jan2010 20:35

Windows XP Service Pack 3
Hello, I'm having issues with my service pack. I removed it and am now running SP2. I thought that would fix my issues but it didn't. So now I want to put SP3 back in and now I can't. I'm getting this error message.

Service pack 3 Setup Error
The file c:\windows\system32\drivers\usbcamd\sys is open or in use by another application.
Close all other applications and then click retry

The issue is, nothing else is open. How can I reinstall SP3? I'd like to get this corrected today. I can't run IE8 (probably becuase I'm on SP2 now) and I'm having a few other issues.

If someone could please assist I'd be most appreciative.

Thank you for your time in reading this.

smj01 8Jan2010 01:48

Re: Windows XP Service Pack 3
nevermind, I fixed it.

jaikanth123 13Jan2010 15:37

Re: Windows XP Service Pack 3
service pack 3 is not so good but windows xp service pack 2 is good and it offers more secure to the operating system as well as desktop

smj01 13Jan2010 19:08

Re: Windows XP Service Pack 3
I have a drive that I used to use to copy pictures to a disc on. Could using SP3 be why I can't anymore?

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