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Rise 3Jan2010 02:59

Non destructive system restore.
I am in a couple forums and almost on all of the forums it states their is a way to do a non destructive system restore where if you did a system restore if you have a file like windows office you wouldnt have to reistall the applcaiton so if you dont have a product key for it then you would loose the software...

Is this true or am i right to think that its a myth/////

and if that true about it being a myth. what would be the best method to solve the problem assuming you would have that problem iwth the windows office software

shabbir 3Jan2010 10:15

Re: Non destructive system restore.
Take a backup after installing Office.

Rise 3Jan2010 20:37

Re: Non destructive system restore.
right thats what i said is why dont you just use a backup on a tape drive or a external drive, if you do a complete copy of the program and put it on a external drive will it be more like a copy instead of a install? beause if its more like a install then it would need the product key to have the complete program?

Thanks sabbir your always their to answer questions :)

shabbir 3Jan2010 23:25

Re: Non destructive system restore.
Copy will not work for many programs. Use Program Like Norton Ghost

Rise 4Jan2010 01:46

Re: Non destructive system restore.
norton ghost good idea! i just want to make sure i remember how to do a ghost copy, you obviously would download the program then you would boot into dos and if im correcyt no usb atached devices will work then you go throught the procedure i cant remember the process but ive done several ghost copys, but i havnt had to do one since i was in school for IT, but anyway i would then move one copy of the hardrive information to another drive a recreated drive then it would be saved but, with a ghost image can you do it on another hardrive and what about a xcopy you think that would work or is it the same thing sorry i need refreshers you dont have to answer this i just would like to know

shabbir 4Jan2010 09:05

Re: Non destructive system restore.
It has a good front end to work for you.

All you have to do is follow the process of getting it into the drive which is bootable

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