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DivineDev 2Jan2010 07:55

Divine Supremacy Online is looking for a team!
The Divine Supremacy Online is in need of a team!


Please check out the site at divinesupremacy(dot)tk

And check out our forums at dsupremacy(dot)pro-forum(dot)ca

We are currently recruiting positions for our team, here are some spots to apply for:
(0/4) 3D Modelers
(0/2) Quest Designers
(0/2) Animators
(0/2) Texture Designer
(1/2) Website Moderator/Admin [Locked]
(1/2) Mapper
(0/1) Concept Artists
(0/2) Cinematic
(0/2) RC Scripter
(0/2) General Artist (For Logos & Decorations)
(0/1) Lore Designer

About the game:
You will get to choose from 3 races and 4 character classes.
The game will be located in a large continent, that is preparing for a massive invasion.
While in the game you will be taking part in defending the land against the invasion. As you play more, you will notice that the defenses of the continent get weaker, so you have to recruit more defenders or hire mercenaries.

In this game there will be a level cap of 40(max), there will be a currency system set so that everything is fair and balanced. Items will be included has drops from enemy monsters.

As the game grows into a larger game, there will be chances where you can get a large group of people and attempt to defeat the leader of the invasion every week.

To apply
Go to the forum, register, and PM the admin your application.

Give him your name, your experience with the job, your software available to use, and tell him why you want the job. You can also tell him anything else you might find imporant.

The Purpose of this post is to test to see if anyone will want to join, if no one want to apply then I will just recruit locally.


PolicyWala 2Jan2010 12:11

Re: Divine Supremacy Online is looking for a team!
Is it location specific or any one can join?

DivineDev 2Jan2010 12:19

Re: Divine Supremacy Online is looking for a team!
I am accepting people from all around the globe. (Has long has they speak English)

Also, if I cannot find enough members online I will just get a team locally.

Are you interested in joining?

migmoto007 15Jan2011 22:07

Re: Divine Supremacy Online is looking for a team!
I could be a mapper and place objects in the game for you as long as theres no coding or anything.
If your still looking i could be contacted at miguel.renaud@hotmail.com

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