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indiansword 1Jan2010 08:15

How Important is PR [pagerank]?
How important is pagrank? and what exactly it helps for?


shabbir 1Jan2010 09:37

Re: How Important is PR [pagerank]?
The PageRank you see in Toolbar is updated quarterly and is of no such importance apart from self satisfaction.

Google has an internal PageRank which is very close to toolbar PR when the Toolbar PR updates but the internal PageRank is in constant flux and that is you would never be able to judge or guess.

indiansword 1Jan2010 09:38

Re: How Important is PR [pagerank]?
Ok thanks :D. just felt on other webmaster forum ppl are crazy for PR. So was wondering what it does :).

PolicyWala 1Jan2010 13:45

Re: How Important is PR [pagerank]?
Backlink is more important than Page Rank. Page Rank would not give much to the earning of the website in the form of Adsense.

JhonWilliams 4Jan2010 14:47

Re: How Important is PR [pagerank]?

Originally Posted by indiansword (Post 62546)
How important is pagrank? and what exactly it helps for?


PageRank is a measure of the relative popularity of a site, ranging from a rank of zero to a rank of ten.SERP has more value than PR.If you have good SERP, then it doesnt matter about PR.

SamanthaF 2Feb2010 17:07

Re: How Important is PR [pagerank]?
PR is an estimation on who like a random surfer will visit your site.
The more links point to your site, the higher is the opportunity of that.

franky123 16Feb2010 14:29

Re: How Important is PR [pagerank]?
PR is a grad provided by Google to websites by measuring some points such as backlinks. It is important when you go for link exchange with other webmasters because webmasters don't like to exchange link with lower pr sites and blogs.


agraj1 19Apr2010 19:05

Re: How Important is PR [pagerank]?
PR is really important if you want to be top ten in search engine. Search engine show those pages hows PR is more whether there content is useful or not that is the reason why SEO experts focus on PR's.

carlmccaine 21Apr2010 11:17

Re: How Important is PR [pagerank]?
This is not 100% true. If you want to be first for keyword with small competition (about 500 000 pages in Google), than high PR can help you to beat your opponents. But if you have serious competition (few million pages or more), then of course links are much more important than PR.

yohan 5May2010 05:38

Re: How Important is PR [pagerank]?
One of the factors that affect page rank is the number of back links that you are getting. Just make sure those links are from relevant and dofollow sites because Google gives more value on them.

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