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malikite 28Dec2009 00:11

[HELP] Perl

I have heard a lot about Perl and what can be done with it which made me want to learn it.

Could anyone suggest some good books,ebooks or websites to learn Perl,

Attending classes is not an option as my schedule is very tight.

ungalnanban 19Feb2010 10:47

Re: [HELP] Perl
see the following two attachment file.

shabbir 19Feb2010 13:34

Re: [HELP] Perl

Originally Posted by ungalnanban (Post 64470)
see the following two attachment file.

Which files?

ungalnanban 19Feb2010 13:55

Re: [HELP] Perl
sorry, Last posted the file is not correctly attached, and I explained the problem to administrator also.

see the attachment file "url.txt"




shabbir 19Feb2010 17:02

Re: [HELP] Perl
Moved your links in files to posts.

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