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gosseadwords 25Dec2009 06:34

AdWords Voucher Coupons For Sale..!
I provide guaranteed adwords coupons for sale, Promotional credit must be applied to new AdWords account within 14 days of creating the account and is valid only for new Google AdWords customers with self-managed sign up accounts. Advertisers will be charged for advertising that exceeds the promotional credit. Advertisers with self-managed sign-up accounts are subject to a $5 activation fee that will be deducted from the promotional credit.

All vouchers are checked with Google prior to dispatch and are guaranteed to work.
Vouchers will be sent you within 24 hours (it doesn't take that long, but maximum time required) from the time you make payment. Payment via PayPal, voucher coupons will be sent to the PayPal email from which payment was received.
Adwords Coupons with credit - $110 & $75 available.
Please reply via PM or by email gosse (dot) terry (at) gmail (dot) com more details.


shabbir 25Dec2009 08:59

Re: AdWords Voucher Coupons For Sale..!
Try selling them in EBay. Thread closed.

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