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tahir90 22Dec2009 16:47

Signature Help
Thanks for everyone's help and support. can anyone tell me how to make a signature in the forum

techgeek.in 22Dec2009 17:41

Re: plzz help me..!!!
there are two methods:-

1) navigate to
QuickLinks--->Edit Signature
2)navigate to
My Go4Expert---->Edit Signature (on the left hand side)

tahir90 22Dec2009 17:45

Re: plzz help me..!!!
sorry but there is no edit signature tab anywhere.can you provide me the link

techgeek.in 22Dec2009 17:57

Re: plzz help me..!!!
on the top left u get "My Go4Expert" link..click on it..u will be redirected to ur control panel..there on the left hand side u get "your control panel" list. Under that there is "settings and options"--->"edit signature"..
If u dnt get it, then contact the administrator.

tahir90 22Dec2009 18:21

Re: plzz help me..!!!
thx for the help techgeek, i saw your blog its really informative.have your blog a google pagerank ?? i also have a blog but not getting visitors plzz visit it and if you can help me in getting visitors i'll be gr8ful to you

shabbir 22Dec2009 19:13

Re: Signature Help
Keep things in the right thread and I have moved your posts from JSP thread to the right forum

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