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rahul_mawana 21Dec2009 09:23

Telnet problam plz help me
Hello frnds,
i have connected my computer to my frnd's computer using telnet every thing is ok but
when i open
any exe that has gui interface
(as notepad,wmplayer or ie)using
telnet on my frnd's computer
then why is that not opened
only process is created(as
notepad.Exe,wmplayer.Exe etc) it
can be seen in taskmanager
process tab on my frnds cmputer.
So is there any method by that i
can open notepad,IE,or wmplayer. or any exe that has GUI interface
Plz help me

techgeek.in 21Dec2009 10:24

Re: Telnet problam plz help me
hi rahul,
let me explain you one thing..Telnet is a "terminal emulation" protocol that enables a user at one site to simulate a session on a remote host. MIND IT..it is a SESSION. It includes translating keystrokes from the user's terminal (that is you) and displaying it in a format native to the remote host. This service is transparent; it gives users the impression that their terminals are directly attached to the remote host. BUT..BUT..BUT...though u can run any number of processes from the terminal u can't have the GUI(graphical user interface) feeling. In big organisations and universities there lies a central OS may be linux and all the others users maintain a session with the OS and do coding,file editiing etc etc just like DOS operations. you can't expect GUI from TELNET. This protocol doesn't support this. If you want to use GUI form of session establishment then use "TEAMVIEWER" software. To know more about teamviewer visit itz site or ask me i help u with that.....or if u and ur friends are belonging to a LAN then use Remote desktok login or applications like Netmeeting....

rahul_mawana 23Dec2009 09:37

Re: Telnet problam plz help me
Thanks u Tech geek,
i fully satisfy to ur thing
basically i don't want to use Teamviwer,i m seing this proceducer frm hacker view's as suppose there is telnet service is going on any computer then that can be easily hacked and it is m0st interesting .
Ok one more thing if i make a batch file on my frnds computer that has following contents
start notepad.Exe
and execute it by telnet then also notepad is nt opened
is there nt any method by which i can do

techgeek.in 23Dec2009 11:37

Re: Telnet problam plz help me
what do you mean by "notepad is not opened" ?????? whether u start notepad by typing "start notepad.exe" or "notepad" or "notepad.bat ( containing "start notepad") in all the cases u get the notepad process started...not the graphical window of the notepad... u made a remote session with frnds computer means u started the processes on ur behalf...that means windows wnt start the notepad based on the graphical user login instead it will start notepad according to the remote user..nd since the remote user is under the bound of CLI(command line interface) only the notepad process will be started...
now my question is , can u execute ur batch file successfully?? If u can , then tell ur frnd to check the taskmanager..there he wud be seeing the "notepad.exe" running...dnt expect nething more than that....
Inform here if i m clear to u...

rahul_mawana 24Dec2009 09:15

Re: Telnet problam plz help me
Yes u are ri8 a process is being created i can see this on my frnds computer in to task manager's process tab,
and you are ri8 because i did googl 4 this and the reason for my prblm is that exactly what u said,
by the way thanks 4 this approciate help,
have a fabulas day,
good bye

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