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atsddht 27Nov2009 22:25

New Java student
Hello, everyone I am Harry T. a new Java student. Wanting to learn about the Java programming language. If any one has some tips on basic training to get me started I would greatly appreciate it.

Harry T.

venami 28Nov2009 07:15

Re: New Java student
Welcome to the forum :)

I would suggest you to start with a good Java book. While learning, tryout some example programs yourselves and get clarified of your doubts in this forum.

shabbir 28Nov2009 18:06

Re: New Java student
Welcome and yes Books are always a good place to start with.

shivani 29Nov2009 10:24

Re: New Java student
most welcome dear

thanks for joining this forum:nice::nice::nice::nice::nice:

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