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shabbir 22Nov2009 11:23

Particpated ? | 22 Nov, 2009
Whats the latest announcement apart from that do participate in that event as much as you can.

sameer_havakajoka 22Nov2009 11:30

Re: Particpated ? | 22 Nov, 2009
support to 26/11

sameer_havakajoka 22Nov2009 11:31

Re: Particpated ? | 22 Nov, 2009
Supporting 26/11

Everyone of us are probably aware of the 26/11 Event that happened last year in Mumbai ( India ).

Go4Expert.com has taken an initiative to make some donation to some NGO associated with 26/11. If you know any NGO's do let us know or else would donate to CRY

The amount of Donation would be 3 days earnings of all my websites ( www.Go4Expert.com / www.MBAGuys.net / www.CodeItWell.com / http://shabbir.in ) ... between 25/11 - 27/11

How you can help ?

1. If you have any script blocker for ads remove them for 3 days and see the ads and we may have some extra bucks towards donation.
2. If you plan to buy any books any time soon buy them from Amazon using link from Go4Expert.com and that would add towards the donation.
3. Don't wish to sound self promoting on this issue but you can always do it on volunteer basis.

This is a new initiative to CSR from Go4Expert.com and many would be coming soon.

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