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CJW 20Nov2009 20:35

Help with calculating time differences
I'm building a program to calculate the cost of hiring a trip and need to calculate the waiting time.

How can I do this from the two text boxes where you input the numbers. The two textboxes are:


I need the difference in minuets, the input is HH : MM

Please reply quick it's for my A level work and my teacher doesn't know!!!

Cseek 13Dec2009 19:08

Re: Help with calculating time differences
dim timeOne as variant 'or use date
dim timeTwo as variant ' or use date
dim waitedtime as long

if not yourtextbox.text = "" or not yourtextbox2.text = ""
timeone = format(yourtextbox.text,"dd/mm/yy hh:nn")
timetwo = format(yourtextbox2.text,"dd/mm/yy hh:nn")

waitedtime = datediff("n",timeone,timetwo)

waitedtime = "you have entered invalid time format text "
end if

when ever you are using dates , when your text box lost the focus
immediately you should cross check the value you entered is in proper date/time format;
hence better use any calender control or else
use any function to cross check it.

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