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rag84dec 15Nov2009 18:07

Looping through the windows registry using RegEnumKeyEx till the leaves
Hi all,

I am trying to write code to loop through the windows registry till i find the leaf , meaning the
key value pair exists . Each time i get the key , i want to know whether it is parent of some key-value pair.
If yes , loop through its children till the point where a key comes which has no child. I tried writing the program on my own
using RegEnumKeyEx , The key structure is given below.

If you type "regedit", you get the following template...


                Current - 2
                Default - "Key"
                Known        - "Key2"
                LastError - "Key"
                Current - 2
                Default - "Key"
                Known        - "Key2"
                LastError - "Key"
                Current - 2
                Default - "Key"
                Known        - "Key2"
                LastError - "Key"

In the above tree , i want to loop through subkeys of "System" like Select , Select1 and Select2
and loop through the key value pair as given above.I have written the code as below for retrieving


void QueryKey(HKEY hKey)
    TCHAR    achKey[500];  // buffer for subkey name
    DWORD    cbName;                  // size of name string
    TCHAR    achClass[MAX_PATH] = TEXT("");  // buffer for class name
    DWORD    cchClassName = MAX_PATH;  // size of class string
    DWORD    cSubKeys=0;              // number of subkeys
    DWORD    cbMaxSubKey;              // longest subkey size
    DWORD    cchMaxClass;              // longest class string
    DWORD    cValues;              // number of values for key
    DWORD    cchMaxValue;          // longest value name
    DWORD    cbMaxValueData;      // longest value data
    DWORD    cbSecurityDescriptor; // size of security descriptor
    FILETIME ftLastWriteTime;      // last write time
    DWORD i, retCode;
    TCHAR  achValue[MAX_VALUE_NAME];
    DWORD cchValue = MAX_VALUE_NAME;
    // Get the class name and the value count.
    retCode = RegQueryInfoKey(
        hKey,                    // key handle
        achClass,                // buffer for class name
        &cchClassName,          // size of class string
        NULL,                    // reserved
        &cSubKeys,              // number of subkeys
        &cbMaxSubKey,            // longest subkey size
        &cchMaxClass,            // longest class string
        &cValues,                // number of values for this key
        &cchMaxValue,            // longest value name
        &cbMaxValueData,        // longest value data
        &cbSecurityDescriptor,  // security descriptor
        &ftLastWriteTime);      // last write time
    // Enumerate the subkeys, until RegEnumKeyEx fails.
    if (cSubKeys)
        printf( "\nNumber of subkeys: %d\n", cSubKeys);
        for (i=0; i<cSubKeys; i++)
            cbName = MAX_KEY_LENGTH;
            retCode = RegEnumKeyEx(hKey, i,
            if (retCode == ERROR_SUCCESS)
                _tprintf(TEXT("(%d) %s\n"), i+1, achKey);

                //Here write a recursive function to loop through the subkeys
                printf("This is a child\n");
    // Enumerate the key values.


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