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venami 14Nov2009 20:24

GPL Violation in Windows 7
It has been confirmed that a USB/DVD tool in Windows used GPL code without releasing it under the GPL License. Now, Microsoft has agreed to release that tool's source code unders GPLv2.


shabbir 15Nov2009 09:34

Re: GPL Violation in Windows 7
Hmmm. Somethings MS cannot stop being taken from Open Source.

venami 15Nov2009 15:41

Re: GPL Violation in Windows 7
Yes. MS really cannot cope up with the speed of the developers' strength of FOSS community.

darrylsaladino 19Jan2011 13:03

Re: GPL Violation in Windows 7
I think taking the software down is a very boding/bodeable/bodeful/whatever thing to do. I wouldn't expect anything else unless they had concrete proof that there was absolutely no chance at all that there was even the remote possibility of a GPL violation.

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