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makarov 14Nov2009 07:48

help coding the games
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Hello everybody out there!
I need an urgent help regarding these two simple games for my college's project . I am new to java programming as well as to this forum, and hope you guys can give me enorrnous support in coding (every step would be good with some comments).

Fruit machine simulation - this applet should generate 3 random colours, in the 3 coloured boxes to simulate the rolling of 3 dice.

The player choose in the 3 drop down menu below the dice as guesses for what will be thrown.
When the button is is pressed, the 3 die are "rolled" and their scores are matched with the guesses in the boxes. The player is told if there are 0, 1, 2 or 3 matches.

when the game starts the players will be shown the horses waiting patiently at the start line. Before they can run race you must select in the white box at left down corner of the applet which horse you want to bet on. After selecting a horse to back, the start button will become active . You can reselect your bet or start the race.

When the Start Race button is is pressed the horses head off down the track very fast until one the horses crosses the finish line and race ends, and the horses will stop in their current positions.

When the Reset button is is pressed the horses are sent back to start ready for another race.\ If anyone could be of help i'd appreciate it. THANKS

Mike911 7Jun2010 11:09

Re: help coding the games
Yes, very up to date !!!
What do you want to know if you dont earn money for it ???

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