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RoRo Chan 10Nov2009 22:31

Important Request
Helloo to everyone :)

how are you?
I hope everything is ok ;)

please I want you for explain to me this exercise :


To parking you care in the Garage, the employee needs to check the availability of garage before parking your car(there is only 15 parks), and he should know how many hours you will leave you car in the garage, If the hours of stay more than 24 hours you cannot park your car.
- Use constructor to initialize the data member.
- Make a menu driven main program to test all functions as followings:
 Parking
 Exit
 Print garage information
 Develop function prints available and unavailable park information in the garage.
 Get Number of parks in the Garage.
 Use this pointer in get all data members. (You may not need set function)

Notes :
you should carefully memorize:
References - Pointers - this pointer

note :
if you know the code and solve it please tell me
because I don't have time to think about it and solve it :(..
I have a lot of things to do it :(..
I have to submit it tomorrow ..
and thanks to read my problem
waiting for any help =(

xpi0t0s 11Nov2009 14:22

Re: Important Request
> I don't have time to think about it and solve it

Then drop the course. We're not going to do your homework for you. If you don't want to study programming then don't. Focus on stuff you're interested in.

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