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haljordan5 6Nov2009 10:52

Project Management Help
Does anyone know of any project management web applications for small businesses that also do billing and CRM, and allow for an unlimited amount of projects and contacts? Oh and the applications have to be affordable too.

haljordan5 27Nov2009 12:41

Re: Project Management Help
so does anyone know of any affordable all in one solutions that do project management, crm, and billing?

urstop 3Dec2009 16:07

Re: Project Management Help
Try freshbooks.com. It has all the required features for small businesses. They have a free service as well, if you have just one or two clients..

haljordan5 14Dec2009 13:45

Re: Project Management Help
Its my understanding that freshbooks only does billing. can anyone suggest any affordable web apps that do project managment, billing, and crm?

haljordan5 23Dec2009 02:40

Re: Project Management Help
does anyone have any suggestions for a web app that does CRM, project management, and billing?

LynxSI 31May2010 23:12

Re: Project Management Help
You can also checkout "zoho". They provide free CRM, then you must pay to add on "commercial features" like project management, case management, etc...
- Ben

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