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JohnE344 2Nov2009 21:33

backtracking gps unit to user
I'm looking for someone who can backtrack a "gps-snitch" transmitter back to the owner.
It looks like whoever set it up had to make an account and pay for monthly service. I'll compensate generously to anyone who can help figure this out. Theres a serial number and another number on the device which were used to set it up and connect it to a computer, email, etc.. Let me know if anyone has any ideas..

JohnE344 4Nov2009 05:57

Re: backtracking gps unit to user
C'mon guys, somebodys got to be able to do this. I have a serial number for the unit and the user had to have an account to use it, which includes their info. I'm trying to recover my stolen stuff from them gps'ing my car to know when nobody was home -- lost my pc, wife's jewelry, tv, etc.. Unfortunately no home owner's insurance...:thinking:

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